The 2019 HER will open an international dialogue on Digital Society and Higher Education: Impact and Consequences for Policy. The goal is to provide a platform for researchers, senior higher education policymakers, and higher education leaders who seek to expand the understanding in this question and to explore ways to impulse the digital society for higher education, aiming to contribute to sustainable development and social justice in all countries.

The 16th conference will be held in Mexico City, under the auspices of Centre of Research and Advanced Studies (www.cinvestav.mx), an academic institution of great prestige and leadership in Latin America and many other countries, in various areas of natural and exact sciences, technologies and social sciences (especially in education).

The Mexico City conference is the 16th in an international series of conferences (formerly ‘International Workshops’) on Higher Education Reform, which have taken place annually since 2003. The first in this series was held in Vancouver, Canada, organised by the Centre for Policy Studies in Higher Education and Training at The University of British Columbia. In following years conferences took place in Tokyo, Vienna, Shanghai, Mexico City, Vancouver, Berlin, Pittsburgh, Ljubljana, St. John’s, Tianjin, Dublin, Hiroshima and Baltimore.

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